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God is in the details

Look at how the left pointing signs are left justified, and the right-pointing ones are right justified. Together with the timeless DIN font this elevates highway signage to high craft. “God is in the details” Ludwig Mies van der Rohe       I am grateful to  Anne-Louise Quinton @AnneQuinton for pointing out this collection of signs

Microsoft Access – the missing report

Although the proper way to design a database is to start by using a design methodology and only then build the database many people and, in my experience, most students build the database first then back out the design documentation with various reporting tools, and go on to iterate around this loop ’till looks right. Certainly this works for […]

Plan ahead…

Always use a proofreader who can read and write…

Signpost near Gurnard’s Head on the road from St Ives to Pendeen

iPad introduction

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